About Us

Find out all about our practices in Blackwood and Brynmawr

We have a team of veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and support staff dedicated to serving you and your pets in a caring environment.
We have invested in the best modern equipment and facilities to provide care right from routine vaccinations and neutering through to complex medical and surgical procedures.

Unfortunately there is no NHS for pets! We charge fees in order to be able to afford to give the proper level of care we believe our clients' pets deserve. We keep fees as reasonable as possible and ask you to settle at the time of your visit. We accept cash and credit cards (no cheques). In some circumstances involving large amounts we can offer interest free credit (terms and conditions apply). For more information on our prices click here. 


  • Two operating theatres
  • Radiography (with new digital processing system)
  • New state-of-the-art ultrasound machine (inc. Doppler)
  • In-house laboratory for rapid results
  • Endoscopy
  • ECG
  • Separate cat and dog cattery/kennel wards
  • Isolation ward
  • Dental treatment area including high-speed drills and ultrasonic scaler and dental radiography machine 
  • Separate cat waiting area (at Pontllanfraith surgery)


Dental treatment area

We have a specific designated treatment area equipped with high speed air drills and ultrasonic scaler to provide high quality and rapid dental treatment.


Electrocardiograph: this often is used in conjunction with ultrasound examination to investigate heart disease.


This allows us to visualize the digestive tract (oesophagus/stomach/bowel) and the airways (trachea/bronchi/nasal passages). We can take biopsies, remove foreign bodies and carry out certain minor surgical procedures without resorting to invasive surgery.


We have separate dog and cat hospital wards. These are made of high quality stainless steel for optimum standards of hygiene and comfort. We also have a separate isolation area for animals with infectious/contagious diseases.


We have our own in-house laboratory equipped with the latest Vettest haematology and biochemistry machines. These can provide us with rapid results to improve patient care. We also have a high quality microscope for examination of blood smears and skin scrapings.

Operating theatres 

We have two purpose-designed operating theatres, one for routine surgery and a second for orthopaedic and complex procedures. Our theatres have piped anaesthetic gases, a gas scavenging system and anaesthetic monitoring equipment such as pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitors - and highly trained veterinary nurses!


This allows us to scan abdominal organs and the heart, providing us with valuable diagnostic information without having to resort to invasive surgery.

X-ray facilities

We have a high powered xray machine that enables us to get excellent diagnositic radiographs for all types and sizes of patients, from a mouse to a Great Dane. We have now installed a state of the art digital processor which gives us better quality radiographs and is also a lot faster which is much better for our patients.